The new year is commonly compared to a three hundred and sixty five page novel; New Year’s Day being page one of said novel. It took me a few pages to get rolling, but now it’s as if every bone in my body can feel the greatness this year holds. January is such an exciting time, one that has quite the nasty reputation. It is commonly associated with crappy beginnings- buckets of sweat from out of breath gym virgins, and tough withdrawal symptoms from businessmen who swore off coffee. But this year, something within me has changed. It is almost as if my pessimistic ways fell, as did the confetti in Time’s Square. Yes, it took me until page twenty four, but I am more ecstatic than ever. Ready to set my intentions into motion and welcome all that this year will bring.

2018 Intentions: 

  • SLOW DOWN. Lately I have been noticing the rush. I’m in such a hurry, for no reason. No reason at all. I’ll be standing in line to get coffee with no place to be after, tapping my foot impatiently, willing the line to move. Perfect pace please find me; slow me down so I can enjoy life’s beauty, slow me down so calm is not a rare sensation.
  • BE PROUD. Find one thing to be proud of, every single day. Whether that be getting out of bed in the morning, or attending a workout class. Start recognizing the good rather than harping on the crummy moments. 
  • GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY: Hey mind. It’s me Meg. Guess what? Shut it. Often times it’s a monster exclusive to me who ends up being my main barrier. Worry, fear of rejection, and succumbing to simplicity tend to win. I’m blocking a future of change, and I have no one to blame but myself. 
  • SEE YOURSELF HOW THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU DO: Pretty self explanatory. Begin to foster confidence, show your people they are right. 

Things I want to Accept:

  • I want to accept that it’s perfectly fine to dismiss “college norms.” This is my story and I get to write it exactly how I want in my 365 page novel. 
  • I want to accept that there will be days that are just harder than others. A bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. It’s just a sunrise, a sunset, and some challenging hours in between.
  • I want to accept that yoga sculpt may be the sixty most excruciatingly painful minutes of my life. Sixty minutes of redness, sweat, and swear words on repeat. But sixty minutes of pure, intense, power. Power to be better, look better, feel better. 
  • I want to accept that keeping your circle small doesn’t mean ignoring the possibility of new friends. Even if these new friends are just friends from 1:00 to 2:15 during class.
  • I want to accept that social media is a creative platform, not a competition for likes. It’s a new way to share, inspire, and connect. STOP BEING AFRAID TO POST. 


  • Travel, travel, travel. (Counting down the days until Cabo!!!)
  • Get stronger- mentally, physically. 
  • Write often, write well.
  • Get a job. Working world here I come. May my paychecks be big and the number of hours I am scheduled small. Wishful thinking here people. 
  • Find peace in the now- live in the now. Time is just going to keep trucking along, might was well soak it up. Soon I’ll be forty with vomit on my power suit, slurping down cold coffee, waiting for my unreliable nanny to show up. *Exaggeration*
  • Apply to J-School. Not gonna go into detail, stress levels at an all time high. Check back fall semester 2018 for a slightly older, more anxious version of me. 
  • Put others first. And not in an unhealthy way, but in a way that spreads joy. The people around you deserve to feel loved as well. 2018 is not a year to be selfish. 

*Claps hands for Megan as she embarks on a year of a better her* 


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