UPDATE: Where Have I Been?

Wow. It has been a hot minute. Not only have I neglected writing about my first months as a freshman at the University of Minnesota, but I failed to capture the moments of my final summer as a “kid.” In my defense, things just got a little hectic. Obviously I had to focus on the transition from being cradled to walking on my own (a metaphor for gaining independence), but I wish I could have caught my feelings in real time.

Anyways, after a summer that consisted of nannying three crazy boys and saying goodbyes, I am now two months into this crazy thing called college. There are no more nights spent in bed crying, but I still feel as if this is a dream. It’s kooky to think I am only a few years away from the real world. As of two months in, I am an Alpha Phi *cue handkerchief wave* (it’s an Alpha Phi thing, don’t worry if you don’t understand), and loving it. I have also joined an online publication called Her Campus, where I finally have the opportunity to write for an group that mirrors Cosmopolitan. School is a focus, but a challenge. Homework is usually dreaded, while the dinning hall food is always. The parties are wild to say the least, and sometimes the vulgar frat houses make me want to fast forward my life to babies and a stable job. I am loving the Hubbard School of Journalism- even though I am technically not in yet. The content is pure genius, full of personal anecdotes and comedy. And, my lib ed requirements are tough (BIOL 1010 specifically), I cannot wait to complete all of these. This is the start of something new, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Is freshman year what I expected? Yes and no. In short, no. I never knew it was going to be so hard to fly the coop, even if I am only thirty minutes away. I also never realized that making new friends is hard and that it takes effort from both parties. As to why it is what I expected: it is challenging and full of lessons. College is nothing glamorous, it is tough and rowdy. But it is something that I am loving and recognizing as educational.

From here on out I hope to post more, this is a tool to future success. Here’s to the steps taken to create a life of happiness. Cheers, with a red solo cup, from me to you.


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