How to Throw The Perfect Grad Party

Celebrating your high school graduation is important for so many reasons. It is a time to receive deserved recognition, to catch up with the family members you only see twice a year, and to wrap up the entire experience. I urge all of you anxious soon to be college freshman not to accept your parents exotic trip offers, and instead plan a party to remember. Here I will teach you how.

  1. Pick a food that has importance. This isn’t as silly as it sounds. Think back to your past 18 years and find all of the moments that a food has done more than just stop the stomach’s rumbles. Was a certain restaurant your go to? Did you always crave a specific something when you were sad? For me, it was brats and burgers. An American staple, and a classic my family and I has shared for years. I knew it was delicious, more than just a piece of meat, and loved by most.
  2.  IncorpoIMG_0245.jpgrate your future college. I will be a future gopher, and I am proud of that. In order to showcase my excitement, I devoted an entire high top round table to The University of Minnesota. I recommend framing your acceptance letter, filling a glass jar with your school’s colored M & Ms, and adding a chalkboard with a description of the school or your future dreams.
  3. Pictures, pictures, pictures. You will never have enough pictures, and I cannot stress this enough. Your guests will never tire looking at all of the colorful frozen moments depicting your past years. I turned to a website called Stumps Party to purchase life size cardboard letter collages. ( Link to Giant Letters ) They were a hit and a creative way to showcase my photos. IMG_7474.jpg
  4. Candy Bar. A candy bar is a beautiful way to give your party some individuality and to give your guests a goodie bag. I created a candy bar background, I used cute glass jars, and I had plastic scoops to maintain cleanliness. To make things even cuter, I used Chinese take out containers for the “take home” feel.

-Here is how to make the background for the candy bar. You will need 1) a tri-fold poster board 2) tissue paper (cut into 4 x 4 squares) 3) glue.




  1. Tissue paper flowers or lanterns hanging from the ceiling as well as lights. This spices up any old boring garage or backyard. It is “whimsical,” as my family liked to call it, and the guests gave my family many many compliments.
  2.  When creating a display table with accomplishments, plaques, trophies and other things, make sure to spread things out. No one wants a cluttered table when they are trying to look at first grade dance pictures and attempting to decipher childhood drawings.
  3. Make an area for guests to write the graduate words of wisdom. Looking back this is one of my favorite parts of my party. I cannot guarantee a lot of people will contribute to your collection of wisdom, but these notes and tidbits of information are exciting to read later on.



I am so thankful to be lucky enough to have had an amazing grad party. I will cherish these memories, the time spent planing with my mom, and the people who attended forever. I will say one thing, now that it is over I wish I wouldn’t have stressed as much as I did. My advice to you, soak in these moments and spend time with family. I deeply hope you create a grad party that you love. GOOD LUCK!