What do you do when your wanderlust bones start to jiggle? Do you kill your bank account and plan a trip around the world? Do you hop on Pinterest and day dream of all the places you could be? Or do you let it go, accepting that where your feet are planted is fine for now?

I am in serious need of a warm weather hug, the ocean air embracing my sweaty limbs. Tropical breezes erasing any iffy realities. The things here are dull, they aren’t enough. Salty hair and palm tree lined coasts, that’s what I want, that’s what I crave. Fresh fruit in a coconut and sunset dinners. My swimsuit strings are tugging, ready to snuggly cover and protect minimal body parts. The Mayan ruins are begging to be rediscovered by my hands. And white sand beaches challenge the crisp color of the Minnesota snow falls. The places far away from here seem to be calling my name. Waking up with an agenda of nothing but relaxation. Floating in the ocean after a nap in the sun, letting the water refresh burning areas. I miss the sunsets of Hawaii, and the smell of the Dominican Republic. The bumpy roads of Honduras even seem weirdly more appealing than the streets to the High School. So much has happened in so little time that a break from my seventeen year old life (stressful I know) is needed. Take me to the foreign time zones and the volleyball courts. Fill my hands with a cup and some tanning oil. Tell me the origin of the country and what famous traveler sunk his ship 20 miles from the beach. Everything about the idea of leaving tastes oh so sweet. The passenger seat on the airplane, as uncomfortable as it really is, will feel snug and satisfying. I yearn to stare out of the window at the tiny houses and the baseball fields the size of my thumb. Nights on vacay soothe the soul, the dark skies plush with stars and dreams. Rejuvenation is the goal, spending time with the people whom are most important. These are the best weeks of spring and a top ten moment each and every year. It’s about flouncy dresses, flushed cheeks, and serious day drinking. The days seems longer and the possibilities for fun are endless. All you really need is a towel, some music, good company, and a breathtaking view. I guess you could say I’m vacation deprived, itching for a bronze glow, an endless buffet, and final family memories before the real world slaps me in the face. Two weeks and I’ll be running into the ocean with friends Safe Haven style. I’ll be tracing my name in the chunky sand and stumbling around to the Mexican beats from the maracas (la música de México es muy bien y bonita). Take me to the beach as soon as possible- is it sad I just realized what ASAP means? The islands are calling, ready to help me fall in love with life.


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