Gossip Garbage

High school is the perfect ground for gossip. It has the adequate nutrients for rumors to grow, they fester in the locker banks. Word travels fast when one building is home to so many people. Eight hours a day focus jumps from topic to topic, dramatic event to dramatic event. I hear things about myself that I didn’t even know existed. Was I the one who saw a movie with so and so this weekend? Did that one girl really call me that name? It’s all made up information used to further a friendship or make oneself look good. The drama and the rumors have become more important than what truly matters, education. And they have been taken to a level past fun and games. It’s hard to pay attention in class when you know the student body takes extreme joy in your personal life. It isn’t just a comment, it is attached to judgment and opinions. Yes, I have been prone to talk about the daily drama but it never changes the way I act towards the people I am surrounded by. The thing about high school drama is that it is used against people, it is dramatized, and it is hurtful. What happened to privacy? I imagine it’s hard to obtain complete aloofness when thrown into a pool of young immature sharks, I just want to know if it lasts forever. Since when does what Alice wore trump glorifying the girl who spends her time giving blood and studying her heart out. Plus many fail to recognize that her outfit really is cute, instead only pointing out the way her thighs look in those jeans and who she probably let slip them off. Yes, that is intense but it is the realistic truth. Kids demoralize others just to liven up the lunch table or make themselves feel better. High school has always been known as a negative location, but in my opinion things have just  been getting worse and worse. Seniors before me seemed content with a normal amount of  gossip and chatter. Maybe it’s the people around me or the increase in technological usage, but things are getting out of hand. It is sickening, and technically behind the back bullying. How do we put an end to people feeling like their every move is being pulled apart, analyzed, and spat at.


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