Quick Write #3

It was a rainy day. One that smelt like coffee beans and foot lotion. The air was crisp and the cobblestone streets soaked with a wet gleam. Yellow rain boots stomped to dry land as fast as possible, and umbrellas fluttered in the wind. The dark sky pulled broken hearts farther apart and reminded people of the things they wanted to forget. James, a noble business man on a weekend getaway from his crazy job, wandered the alleys of Maine in search of something more than a buttered lobster tail. This small town, smack dab in the middle of nowhere, was home to the love of his life. She was the epitome of beauty and rivaled the tenderness of waves lapping over white sand beaches in far away places. James left her here in search of something better. Little did he know the best thing that could possibly cross his path never moved from her life of comfort. Her name was Jane. James and Jane, alliteration at it’s finest. Their time with one another years ago was filled with sunset chases, adrenaline adventures, and chocolate chip cookie stomach aches. They had it all figured out, together they were better. But, when a prestigious job offer rolled around, James sprinted away from the love of his life. They said their goodbyes, but she never truly got over him. Instead, she took her despair and worked hard for a degree in psychology. Time eventually mended her wounds and her genius tactics of helping people brought in countless customers to her office overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Her place of work occupied an old white house, with navy blue shutters and a frail chocolate-brown roof. The attic was were Jane resided after a hard day of listening to people. She didn’t live there, but she certainly spent many hours watching the water crash and twist. Jane could recall several moments when her time in the attic lead to thoughts about James. He never left her mind after all of their years apart. She Facebook stalked him and his mom, vicariously living through social media posts, and she often sifted through old letters from him. Her view was full of boats floating away, and Jane always did her best to plop the memories of him onto the vessels and watch them sail off. But on one rainy day in particular, the boat of memories navigated its way back to her. James was well aware of her location and made it his mission to silently watch the building from a far for a few days. He sat hidden on a bench behind a full tree. James observed those who walked into the practice and judgmentally hated the attractive males whom he assumed needed no help, but rather some company from a pretty brown-haired woman. Since the last time the couple saw each other they both had changed substantially. Jame’s sparse facial hair bloomed into a hairy masterpiece, and Jane’s figure progressed to a more mature state. They looked like adults, but they still each were missing one thing: a partner. Days went by, work calls were ignored, and James was extremely hesitant to advance into her little white house. On a Tuesday night he gave up all hope and walked with his head down back to his inn. He packed his bag and sat it on the scratchy comforter, it was ready to be hauled off to the airport. James wanted to say goodbye to his hometown once more, so he made his way down to the dock he went to as a boy. It was off of the main roads and he called it his little secret. The view was unbelievable. Due to the town’s distance from urban life, the stars shinned so brightly creating diamond like spots on the water’s surface. Year ago James only came alone or with Jane. Here they had their first kiss, talked about babies with bald spots, and carved their names into a nearby tree trunk. They lived at this dock when days were stressful, or when they needed nature to revive them. James walked cautiously down the winding path towards the water and found their carved names. He rubbed his fingers over the flaking bark and it somehow felt like he was touching the hands of Jane. After making it to the world’s most beautifully worn out dock, he sat down in his normal spot and listened to the nothingness. It was almost relieving to be out of the hustle and bustle of the city, even if his goal of coming to Maine was not achieved. He laid flat on his back and looked up at the sky. The full moon cast a white glow onto the left side of his face, illuminating the tiny  freckles that spotted everywhere. He reminisced, dreamt, and was ultimately proud of himself for making his way back home. Suddenly, James could hear footsteps. He bolted upright and turned around, he was confused as to how anyone could possibly know of this place. It was Jane. Her brown hair tousled in the wind, and the light from the moon highlighted her cheekbones. She was just as beautiful as the day he first saw her. Her high heels clicked on the wood platforms as she casually came to a halt next to James. His heart stopped, how could she have known I was here, he wondered? “I’ve seen you outside of my building James, the trees aren’t as thick as you thought” she said as she laughed. There was no hesitation or fear in her voice, she was ready to see the man who broke her heart. James stuttered and finally made out the words I am sorry. “No need to apologize,” said Jane with a smile, “it felt so normal to see you outside, like the times you would wait for me after school outside of Norman Hall.” His mouth turned up at the thought of this, “I remember that, things were so different back then” he said. “I know, a lot has changed,” Jane responded. They stared at the black and blue liquid movement before them, mesmerized by the delicacy of the water. “I thought I would find you here” she proclaimed, “I still come here myself when life gets to heavy to handle.” James shook with pain at the thought of Jane struggling with the challenges that one shouldn’t face alone. “I never stopped loving you Jane. I never forgot about your kind heart or how your skin naturally smells like roses. I go every day regretting stepping onto the plane that led me to places far away from you.” “I love you deeper and deeper every day” Jane said as she laid her head on his shoulder. “You cut me deep, and I had to figure out that you leaving didn’t define me, but I eventually became stronger because of it all. You made me the successfully happy girl I am today, so thank you for that James.” “I am so sorry” he repeated, “I never meant to hurt you.” Silence took over as she soaked up his true apology. “You know what I was meant to do?” Jane question. “Love you. Forever and ever.” James was yet again speechless. His shy Jane was hurt by him, but made strong by her own doing. She had the power and the strength to find him. His travels were a meager deed, but her proclamation of love and footsteps towards him proved that she really was the best thing that could possibly happen to him. “You amaze me Jane, you really have forgiven me for leaving so hastily?” “Well that’s kind of what I help people with on a daily basis, so yes I have forgiven you. You had a reason to go, and I had a reason to stay.” They held hands for a while in silence. James reached over to move a strand of hair from her face to behind her ear, when he noticed her cheek was alive with tears. “Why are you crying?” “I never thought you would come back to me,” she whispered. “I spent hours in the attic of my little white office watching the boats in the ocean and thinking about you. I tried to send our memories to sea, but I failed everytime. And now you are here next to me and I feel something more than whole. I was full alone, but you being here seems to fill parts of me I didn’t even know existed.” “I am never going to leave you again Jane,” he calmly stated, “I need you, no job is worth living without the woman who puts the stars to shame, who once calmed all of my nerves with the chicken dance. Nothing is worth giving you up ever again.” Jane cried harder, “maybe all of this wasn’t for nothing, we were meant to be together James. And I can promise you that for the rest of time I will make you the most loved man alive, for I have bottled it all up for six years now. The power of separation didn’t stop me from wanting you.” Jame’s eyes sparkled with excitement, “Janey” he said, “Life was made for moments like this. You have gifted me hope in this last hour that we were made for each other. I will continue to make up for the time I so recklessly stole from us forever. You are the only thing I ever needed, the only thing I will ever want.” The dock rocked back and forth, but hand in hand, heart in heart, their love had more beauty than the stars above. Orion and the Big Dipper gleamed down upon the couple, and every twinkle was a sign that things were going to be okay. Some connections are unexplainable. Soulmates exist, and no one will ever be able to disclose the truths as to why. Just as mysteries exist in the sky, questions will always live in love.

After years of being a die-hard Nicholas Sparks fan, a hopeless romantic, and a self-proclaimed author, I decided to try my hand at romance writing. It’s harder than it looks. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll turn Jane and Jame’s relationship into a novel. 🙂 


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