Poems, Round Two

After spending an entire day working on English homework, I could not go without writing something meaningful to me. Yes, the ins and outs of Hamlet and Oedipus are interesting, but so is the craziness of a seventeen year olds life. Hope you enjoy. 😊

Show the world your might
Let your voice be heard
From miles away
Write with grace
Like you are running out of time
And soak up knowledge
Faster than a sponge
Dance with spontinuity
For not reason but fun
Prove to only yourself
That you are perfectly

Love can be daunting
Broken hearts can break again
Cracking hard
Now weaker than before

Madison she whispers
Letting the words change her
As the two syllables sink in
Igniting chaos
Worry wraps its way around the mind
Excitement attempts to take over
Negativity flows like water, feeling at home in the body
Positivity fights its way to the front
It sounds like home
But also disapointment
She cries out for answers
But has to wait for the walk of a lifetime
To the mailbox
Madison she whispers
Show me I’m worth it
Give me hope
Give me success
Let Mendota’s waves calm my heart
And spark a future 

Oh fluffy snow
You look so pretty, so fresh, so pure
But you mask planks of ice
And the harsh realities of winter
You give my car anxiety
Giving me angst
Instilling worry in my oh so nervous mother
Your beauty hurts the backs of men without snowblowers
Piling up high
But never enough for a snow day
Angering the MN native children
You are so  wonderfully hated

They hate you because you are quiet
But then mock you when you speak
No one cares
But there certainly are stares
They smile because you are pretty
But envy your ocean waved hair
No one cares
But there certainly are stares
They say they have depth
But their intellect flows out with their smoke
No one cares
But there certainly are stares
They build you up
Only to break you down
No one cares
But there certainly are stares

My heart is green
It bleeds the colors of the forest
Pumping out thoughts of envy
My hands are stained with grassy hues
For they touch the things that hurt the most
Like the memories of you
My eyes are like emeralds
And not in a beutiful way
But in a way thats dark
The things I look at are singed with leaves
Jealousy blinding, fogging up reality
Green is all around me
In the way I walk, the way I talk
Slowly changing everything


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