New Years Resolution(s)

Every year preceding 2017, I simply came up with one resolution. Out of the blue and it usually resembled the resolutions around me at events and such. So, I have never really made a resolution that was obtainable and personal. The cliche ones are boring, the impossible ones are stupid, and the simple ones seem like not enough. One year I vowed to stop biting my nails, another it was the classic work out more resolution, and I’m pretty sure last year I didn’t even make one. In my opinion the number of resolutions a person can have is infinite. The more the merrier. Starting 2017 off right with a list of things I want to accomplish seems to be the smartest thing to do.

  1. BE BOLD: Living life as a yes woman, shouting my opinions from the rooftops, learning to let go of things that I am not in control of. Wear what I want to wear, be who I want to be. Letting my fears propel me into a sea of wonder.
  2. LEAVE EXPECTATION BEHIND: This is a big one for me. Expectation leads to disappointment. And this past year has been corrupted by expectation. I want to be prepared for the worst, but aware of the potential perfection.
  3. EAT MORE PASTA: Weird? I don’t think so. My favorite food should be enjoyed as much as possible.
  4. FIND MY WHY: Your why- as in why are you here, what is your purpose in life. These are the deeper things. I want to understand what it is that makes me me, what it is that makes me unique. I need find something that proves to me that my individualism, my shyness, and my love to write all equate something incredibly special.
  5. RUN: This one is pretty simple, but a little to bland for my liking. So I am giving it a double meaning. Obviously, I want to run more. Feel my feet pound the ground while my heart pounds in my chest. I want to use this as an outlet to relive stress, anger, and energy. Second, I want to run full speed into life. Not looking back, not second guessing.
  6. WRITE OFTEN, WRTIE WELL: This is a no brainer. I want to practice, I want to be known for this. A good story or bundle of words can change someone altogether, and to me that is amazing.
  7. FIND BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING: Realizing that the boy who left was a blessing, understanding that the sunrise is more then just a mural of colors, and witnessing the little things. The somewhat misshaped chocolate or the dented specialty car did not lose beauty due to their imperfections, so I want to find the beauty in the ugly things, the horrors of the year.

I think that is about it. My seven things are a lot to handle. I cannot wait to take on this year, living large and having fun. Doing things I love. 2017 is simply the year of greatness and I can feel it.


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