The Life of a Teenager with Food Allergies 

Living life with a list of foods that are a no go is quite difficult. It’s not as hard as a more in depth disease or cronic condition, but still it’s quite nutty (haha). As a teenager, carrying around an epipen is like so totally not cool like what ew. It’s not the fact that it’s an epipen, it’s the fact that it doesn’t fit in back pockets and it sparks annoying repetitive conversations. Winter is better I will admit, because winter jackets are home to huge side pockets that safety hold onto epipens across the tundra like regions. Another struggle any food allergy ridden teen has is the constant nagging from parents pertaining to never forgeting the device that can save you. It’s non stop. It’s out of love, but sometimes we don’t wanna carry a freaking epipen, are you listening mom? I also have a large issue with the the foods that call my name with a murderous whisper hidden beneath the two syllables found in Megan. Peanut butter cups, nut butters, soy sauce, snickers, deep friend candy bars, and countless other products make me wish I could be normal in the food department. M & M’s are one thing I can’t resist, I play Russian Rullet often and try peices of candy, satisfying my craving, stepping on the wild side. Another annoying thing that stems from food allergies is the question of what will happen if you eat something that you can’t have. It comes from waitresses, friends, strangers, family members, and many others. Does it kill you!!? Do you get huge red hives? Like seriously what happens?! My answer is always that I’ve never had an allergic reaction, and I hope to never have one. I quickly turn the conversation and go back to living a life hiding the condition, oblivious to the taste of nuts and soy and peas. As I’m sure you can tell, I am quite fed up with the things that come along with allergies. They are not fun, and I’m a little pissed off I’m stuck with them. Oh well, it’s life. I guess I’ll continue to gag down rice milk and sun butter until a cure is found. Speaking of cures, make one, find one, please. I beg you. 

(Warning- full of sarcasm) 


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