Dear College, Come Sooner. Love, Meg. 

Not trying to wish away my high school years by any means. But, I’m ready for something new. No, I will not act as if this school is not worth any of my breath, and no I will not hide my excitment for prom and spring break. But thinking about crossing the stage to receive my diploma gives me intense joy. I have hope for my college dreams to come true, but I know whatever happens is what is meant to happen, however much that sucks to say. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed. But moving on from yet another rant of hopefulness- I have a notion of how college will be. I know it will probably be so far fetched and out of this world, but it’s how I think. No matter how off I am from the reality of life at a university, I’m still excited to branch out and figure out life for myself. I picture move in day as a glorious day full of Martha Stewart decorating. And I imagine sauntering into the stadium on game days with my group of friends decked out in red and white (oops… any two colors). I picture finding a sorority that fits me like a glove, and then making connections that last a life time. Time to myself, time to take walks without having to tell my mom where I am going sounds amazing. Face timing my parents seems fun and the  anticipation to give bear hugs to the two most influential people in my life gives me excitment even now. Having class a few times a week sounds exceptionally better than 8-3 five days a week. I imagine hard work that I’ll want to procrastinate, I imagine fights with roommates, but it all is so sparkly in my mind. In my mind the parties are crazy and meeting people suddenly becomes easier. I anticipate loved ones, and friends, and special people coming to visit me and I smile thinking that I get to introduce Minnesotans to my stomping ground. Classes seem more interesting and taking steps to obtain the future I want full of success is extremely exciting.  I know I may be way out of line to say that this will be amazing, but I have this gut feeling it will  be. I know that this slice of newfound independence  will taste oh so sweet. In reality I’m terrified of maybe straying from my idea of perfection, and I’m already tearing up when I think of leaving the people that I hold so dear to my heart. It’s going to be so much work. And the change will probably send me into a spiral, but I hope with all my will that I end up where I know I belong, where all these things I long to have happen can come true in ways I never thought imaginable. It’ll be interesting to see where I’m at in a few months, how the first year of college go. Stay tuned and I’ll document it. But, boy am I excited for college, hopefully my above thoughts aren’t insane and actually have potential.


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