Christmas: the time of year when the sound of gingerbread men legs snapping booms against the silence of falling snow.  This is my favorite holiday of all time. Everything is so beautiful and happy. Days seem to fly by as the incoming year looms closer. This is not just a month of presents and red and green thrown everywhere. It is for reflection and the counting of blessings. This Christmas I am extremely thankful for everyone around me. I have been blessed with a top notch support system and all the resources necessary to succeed and prosper. Senior year is drawing to a close and it’s my last Christmas as a minor, sitting in my jammies before the fire place. Reflection will be big for me, looking back at all I have come through and experienced. New friends. New outlooks. New worries. This will be one Christmas to remember. The Thursday before Christmas I will be getting my tonsils removed, granting me even more time to enjoy the reflection and happiness. Obviously. Christmas will not be dulled. I’ll attempt to attend church, and sip hot chocolate. I’ll watch Elf, like I do every year, and attempt to make New Years plans. Family time is always important, so needless to say while my parents are mending my pain, we can talk and spend moments of our last months together creating even stronger bonds. Things are coming up, huge changes will occur, but the true meaning of Christmas cannot be forgotten. It’s about the memories and gift GIVING. It’s about looking around you and taking in the cold frigid air, in awe that you get to experience something so magical. It’s about the words “thank you” after you open a personilzed gift, or about shouting “have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year” across the street to your neighbors. It’s about seeing grandma smile when she puts on her Christmas sweater and watching colorful lights fade from the passenger window of a car. It’s about tradition and being merry. It’s about smiling and never forgetting that this time of year will return, meaning there is always hope for happiness to sprout if lost in the first eleven months. It’s about tinsel being placed on heads of sleeping uncles and music to be sung too. It’s about embracing religion and only sweet thoughts. It’s about tummy aches from eggnog and winter walks. I for one am excited to finish up 2016, which also means ringing in the new year with positivity and good thoughts. Christmas will be two weeks of pain in the throat region, full of amazing memories that I look forward too every year. It can’t come soon enough. Every year, I promise I will always love this month, this weather, and everything that conincides with snowmen and Santa Claus. 


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