Read This When You Are Feeling Anything But Happy

This is going to be a personal post. And I don’t mean a private in depth look into my life, I mean a post that I am going to come back to look at often. Every now and then we all need a little reassurance and confidence boosters. I assume that’s why we constantly ask our loved ones if they still love us and ask for opinions on college essays even when we know they are near perfect. I’m an avid quote searcher on Pinterest and I live for the words strung together by people of importance that leave my heart pounding. It’s nerdy but I get a rush from good writing that makes me feel something. So here I go… on a mission to write something that can transform a blue heart, worried mind, and aching pain into happy eyes, calmness, and relief. First off: It’s all going to be okay. It can’t not. Think about it. You were not put in this world to be broken down and sad all of the time. I promise good things are coming. Whether it’s new friends, an A on the really hard exam, a college acceptance letter, or even a fun day of no worries. Never forget that the best is yet to come, the future holds a possibility for beauty and success. Just never stop working hard and being the best version of yourself. Second of all: Do not forget to smile. A smile will not only transform your mood, but it has the ability to make the day of someone else. You never know what others are going through, therefore be the light people need or in general want. Third: find the joy in everyday. Just like the header of my blog says I am “learning to fall in love with life every second of everyday.” This is big. I know I am not the best at this, but it is important. Everyday is amazing; regardless of homework or tears or a breakup. Each day is another day on this Earth. It is your challenge to find the best in every day. Whether that is less whining, or writing down three good things that happened. Fourth: stop stressing, stop worrying, stop trying to control everything. This may be the most crucial idea on my little list, because this is the root of most of our (my) problems. We overthink even the tiniest of issues, and we sometimes put life on hold due to these negative emotions. I’m here to propose less worrying more living. Here is an example, and bear with me I know college is my go to topic, but I have been so stressed about getting into my dream university that I have forgotten my normal. I find myself about ten times a day analyzing my application or essays or my chances of getting in. I need to remind my self that it is going to be okay, I need to smile, there is joy in today, and to quit the worrying. I know that everything happens for a reason and that life wasn’t made to displease us all. I think rough patches do occur often, but when in doubt think about the thousands of days left in your amazing life. And then think about all the magic that can occur in those days. You never know what age twenty two is going to look like, so stop living age seventeen like it is horrendous. Be happy, and let these emotions slide gently out of your body. Deep breathes, go search for quotes on Pinterest, or grab coffee with a friend. Get your mind out of the negatives and prepare yourself for a great life.


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