College Applications

I’m going to go out on a limb here and claim that choosing a college is the biggest decision of one’s existence. I know my Dad is going to disagree with me on this one, and maybe countless others, but in my opinion this leads the rest of life’s decisions. Yes, choosing a spouse and dealing with finances are substantial things also, but they really stem from the base of one’s “assets.” College is the time where students are meeting people, making their own path, and learning things that coincide with their future. I believe that any college can give you an education, but certain ones (different for every person) can give great educations. That is why it is the decision of a lifetime, the hunt of an era. Students are forced to float in the pool of competition and feel the need to get into the college they deem perfect. It’s a mad fight to receive an acceptance letter, and an ever madder wait to find out the answer. I personally am freaking out. I wake up in cold sweats. It’s not just a building with teachers that I will sleep at. It is the place where opportunity lies. Where new relationships will form. Where I will get my education. I have this place in mind, and hopefully this place decides to return the favor. I am incredibly nervous, just like other teenagers around the world. The stress brought on from this decision is unbearable, reiterating it’s importance. I truly think this is the biggest decision, biggest step, biggest everything. Fingers crossed it works out- for myself and everyone else.


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