We all have the ability to change our minds. We can opt out of most situations and we can say no to things we previously said yes to. I’m constantly altering my thoughts. It’s probably fifty percent teenage brain and fifty perfect personality. I like to look back and compare myself to the person I was five years ago. There are some vast differences between now Meg and Meg who wore Miss Me jeans and Nike shocks. When I was a mere 12 years old my dream was to live in the bustling city of New York and attend Columbia or NYU and purse a teaching degree. Why an aspiring teacher needed to study amongst taxi traffic and polluted air, I don’t know. But it was my plan. I wanted to drop excessive amounts of money and live far away from the people I was scared to leave the most. I planned on having an apartment with tons of space (wow I was uneducated when it comes to spacial relations in NYC), and I expected to maintain a life full of Central Park carriage rides and Broadway shows. Craziness. Pure. Craziness. I then transformed my future plan into one that centered around the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I wanted to represent my dad’s home state and wear a corn hat at football games. I can’t quite remember what I wanted to be job wise at this point but I’m sure it had nothing to do with math. One thing my mind will always agree on is the devil like qualities of math and science. I laugh when I compare the mind of my New York, city girl self to that of my farm girl Nebraska thoughts. Now, I dream of a different red and white. These colors are near lake Mendota and offer opportunity. Madison is my dream now, along with a major in journalism. My changing mind has brought new plans to light and opened my eyes to the newest and best goal possible. My changing mind doesn’t only focus on my future plans. I have daily mind alterations too. Things ranging from what to eat and the weekend itinerary change often. The rumbles of my tummy call for pizza one moment and chocolate cake the next. I used to be opposed to all breakfast foods, but now I’m obsessed.  Speaking of breakfast foods I’m currently eating a pop tart (a past hatred of mine). I change my opinions on boys, thinking *insert name* is the most amazing human being one moment and then realizing their icky qualities after deeply analyzing their habits the next. Boys cause countless mind switches. They hide behind a curtain, and once that curtain is moved to the side their true colors are revealed causing us girls to fastly lose interest. My mind thinks so rapidly and intently that I change my thoughts more than usual. But, it’s a beautiful thing. For if I never changed my mind, I would be stuck going in a straight line. There would be no emotional roller coasters, anticipation, or better ideas. I would live a life of pure and utter boringness. I love the rush that comes with last minute changes, or the stimulating awakenings I get when a new plan clicks. I’m happy where I am, but I know I will be even happier once I change my mind 135674893 other times during the next five years.


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