Every Princess Needs Her Queen

Saying every princess needs her queen is equivalent to saying that every daughter needs her mother. It’s the cold hard truth, we all need our mommies. I spent the last four days without my mom and I never realized how important she was until now. She is the ultimate rock, the most amazing support system, and the most beautiful best friend. During the time she was gone I braved the challenge of homecoming without her, and I dealt with the stresses of high school alone. And let me tell you- it was very difficult. We texted and sent pictures back and forth like school girls, but it wasn’t the same. I wasn’t able to get a hug whenever I wanted, and my usual vent sessions were not as readily available as normal. Having my mom in Texas rather than right by my side was a bit of a kick to the face, a wake up call per say. The first day she was gone I was going through a rough time- my face was permanently puffy from tears and my finger nails were chewed to the cuticle. The moment I realized I will never be the same if I lost my mom was the moment she sent me this incredible text message:

I mean come on. She quoted Eleanor Rosevelt. She took time out of her day to help ease my worries and give me a techonological squeeze. My mother will forever be the most amazing mother, and this message proves it. She’s my shopping buddie, and the best compliment giver. She keeps me grounded when I want to float away into la la land. And she is the kind of cook who doesnt realize their talent, meanwhile her beauty shines brighter than she knows. My mom pushes me to be the best version of myself and she gives me everything I could ever ask for, materialisticly and otherwise. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do without her in college, like she said it will not be the same. I need my mom like a star needs the sky. We all do for that matter. I’m a firm believer in the creation of stable good relationships with everyone in your family, but especially with your mom. I’m forever thankful for the woman who gave me life, and who continues to give me the strength and ambition to be an amazing woman.

To my sweet sweet mom. Thank you for being you. And for giving me rain when my being was dry and depressed. Thank you for never letting my snarky comments strain our friendship. And thank you for showing me how to be smart in educational settings and life, independent in nature, and kind to everyone I meet. I acknowledge that you are the reason I love high necked dresses that are modestly beautiful, and see now that every little annoying push for greatness was a push in the right direction. I’ll never let you forget that everyone of my friends deems you as the nice mom; they think of you as more than a friend, potentially a second mom. Thank you again for everything. I’m here for you just as much as you are for me. Im learning to build character one step at a time. Bless your heart for never leaving my side and forgiving even the biggest of mistakes. I thank you for my ability to morph words into coherent sentences, and for my overly emotional side- it comes in handy when I need to cry on the spot. You are one of a kind. A dimond in a pile of dusty cracked antiques worth nothing. I hope you are proud of the girl you have created, I sure am proud of the mother I stand by.


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