Confusing Beauty with Perfection

Well ladies and gentlemen, the high school homecoming season is rolling around. Therefore that means that Macy’s is stocked to the brim with tight black dresses scattered with sequins, and the nail salons are booked with appointments. Little boy’s tummies are turning at the thought of having to impress their dates and the pointer fingers of moms across America are itching to press down the buttons on their camera. But none of these things really matter. Macy’s will soon be packed with Christmas decorations and church dresses, while the nail salon’s maintain a steady flow of four or five women per hour. The boys will do fine impressing their girls and the mom’s will be content with their five hundred pictures. But the girls… the girls are who we should be worried about. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a personal problem. The entire female race is beginning to create a firm line between beautiful and perfect. Beautiful doesn’t cut it anymore. But perfect doesn’t exist?So why do we feel ugly when we don’t feel perfect. Why can’t we feel great when we are beautiful- it’s because the idea of perfection is looming in the back of our minds. I for one am an expert on this subject, this feeling. When I am getting ready for an event that requires a look more extravagant than everyday mascara and foundation my head spins with negative thoughts and laughs of hatred. I look in the mirror and instead of seeing the beauty of the dress I see my nonexistent waist. Or I will start to imagine what other girls will look like or have looked like in the past. It becomes a big game of how can I look better, when in reality I look borderline Megan Fox beautiful. For example. One of the most dramatic days of my life was the day of my senior pictures. I got my makeup done at MAC, but the false lashes seemed to much for me. I then decided it was a mistake to take them off, oops they were already in the garbage. I took my stress out on my mom, and my tears smeared my makeup. My hair was just not perfect enough for me and I began to regret the products and style I choose. In my head I let the pictures of other senior’s I had seen flow through my dreamy mind and doubted I could look as good. I drove to my photo shoot location quiet and nervous and sad all because I thought I was not perfect. The sad thing is that I can easily name ten other similar instances. The lack of confidence of our generation is sickening. I never wanted to ruin my makeup or feel crappy, but I did because I thought I needed to be the most perfect girl in the world. Jokes on me because every girl in their own way is the most beautifully IMperfect girl. We all have our flaws, and we are all different in our own way. She might have a prettier dress on than me, but maybe my lipstick makes my smile pop. Her shoes may make her legs look stunning, but maybe my hair looks so great in photos. I, and everyone else, need to realize that we are all amazing in our own way. And perfection is non-existent. So those baby hairs and funky folds in your dress are little aspects that make you you. They make you beautiful. If we stand in front of the mirror searching for perfect we will miss our event. So go have fun and rock your beautiful imperfectness. As I mature and grow I bet my days of sitting staring at myself in the mirror pre-event will fade, and instead my natural confidence will take over. It scares me that such young girls are beginning to confuse beautiful with perfect, there is no such thing. Homecoming will be fun regardless of the price of your dress or the thickness of your makeup. And never forget that instead of searching for the non existent photoshopped perfection, find the beauty in your supposed “ugly.” Fix your hair a little bit and then smile because I’m sure it looks great. Last but not least- when your mom says your are beautiful, while you are standing before her crying because you aren’t perfect, believe her.


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