Things You Learn In High School

High school is one of the most educational times of your entire life and I’m not talking about things like math and science. The walls of the high school will infect you with knowledge you don’t even want to learn, but you will. Don’t be shocked if you find out how to mask the smell of certain drinks on your first day of freshman year. In all seriousness you will learn good, useful things you will appreciate too. Like the best stores to shop at, or things pertaining to all the new trends. I’ve obtained knowledge on plenty of subjects, some I wish not to share, but honestly I’m impressed by those who have taught me. Just be prepared to expand your brain and take in what other wish to teach. Let me fill you in on some of the things you will learn. Little disclaimer: I just learned these things, didn’t actually put them all to use. I’m being realistic.

In highschool you will learn how to bite your tounge when you are about to cry. And you will be taught how to slide a new tab over in order to cheat on tests that are taken electronically. You will find out how to dress in layers because some classrooms are freezing while others feel like the entrance into you know where. You will learn how to sweet talk the teachers. You will be taught the ins and outs of dating and what heartbreak feels like. You will learn that less is more, especially when it comes to friends, hookups, and I hate to say it but- a drink that leaves you feeling a little different from normal. You will discover how to edit an instagram picture so every boy in the school will like it. You will even learn how to bring all of the necessities to school in your bag because you never know when you will need a tampon or Advil or even a band-aid. You will be taught how to kiss (eww). You will learn that a french manicure is more accepted than an obnoxious nail color. And you will also learn that girls can be absolute monsters- they fight with their words and use social media as an outlet to share their hatred. You will realize that being nice is one of the best things to be. Another thing you will learn is that the bathrooms on the top floor may be more sketchy than the bathrooms near the main office. You will be taught that packing a lunch is a dorky thing to do, but the joke is on the bully because school lunches are filled with some funky things. In high school you will be taught that literally a large fraction of your school will be high (hopefully on life). You will discover how to get away with going behind your significant other’s back, but I beg you not to do this. You will even learn that the easiest way to be noticed by a teacher is to answer their questions. You will realize that everyone is an individual, therefore you need to make your own decisions. You will find out that having a planner is the only way to lead an organized life, and you will quickly see that writing your homework down is a must. You will learn that snapchat is the main form of communication amongst us teenagers, and you will be forced to learn to remember to turn off the school’s wifi, for they block snapchat. You will find out that some of your friends will not stick around. And you will recognize that school spirit is the cool thing to do. Last but not least- you will most likely see that all of these things that other kids teach and preach and live by are not the only way to exist. Be your own person. Do your own thing. And please just be safe, nice, and respectful. High school is hard enough for everyone. If you get anything out of this… pick up the message that not everything you learn in high school will revolve around puppies and flowers and numbers. Be prepared for the worst and get ready to make the choice to follow the lessons for yourself. I hope the more natural easy tips help you flourish in high school and never forget that it is four small years of your life.


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