Your Happy Place

Whenever I’m sad or irritated or nervous or literally any feeling besides one of content I go to one of my happy places. I have countless memories, moments, thoughts that can transform my mind into something of pure magic rather than something of negativity and uncomfort. I believe everyone has a happy place they can tie a leash around and walk to the center of their  brain to disguise anything that is not wanted. I think it would be exciting to share the places I take the edges of my mind when in despair.

  1. The Farmers Market. It was crisp August day. And by crisp I mean the sun was snuggled under a blanket of clouds and the air whirled and whispered cold spurts around my bare shoulders. I was with my friend and we walked up and down the packed isle of vendors praying for customers. Every product was either uniquely beautiful or uniquely tasty. We bought double chocolate cupcakes and crab eggs benedict, and we contemplated trying homemade soda water and caramel. The street was packed with friendly faces. Dogs roamed with their athletic owners and licked toes for fun. Anticipation for fall arose while I sat at a metal table with spiral detailing, watching fashionable moms hold the hands of their equally fashion forward daughters.
  2. The Plane Ride TO Hawaii. Don’t get this one confused with the plane ride home from Hawaii. This day I dressed comfortably and threw the entire idea of looking cute into the garbage can. I sat in the window seat, obviously, and stared at the California waters fading into liquid that soon would be splashing over my feet in the sand. My eyes dipped in and out of focus and I tried to sleep but my excitement wouldn’t allow me to. The complimentary movies and snacks kept me occupied. This plane ride would lead me to one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I realized this with great pleasure.
  3. The Cabin. This one is a no brainer. The dock shakes back and forth every time my Birkenstocks stab the wood pieces, and the minnows swim rapidly away. I try to catch the sunset everytime I’m here. The colors painted across the sky leave everyone breathless. Here is a place where you can be you and she can be she and he can be here. The windy days won’t share your secrets and the rocking boat doesn’t count the number of pounds on your body. The cabin is a place of relaxations, one where work and school don’t matter. You can sleep endlessly or extrodinarily party. My grubby sweatshirts that come down to my knees seem to resemble a prom dress and my bug bites become natural. My cabin makes me happy.

I hope you can find your happy place, and I hope you use them often. I promise if you are ever sitting in class stressing about an upcoming test take your mind to the first time you kissed your boyfriend or the day you met your niece, and you will feel immediate relief. It’s a part of life to feel moments of despair and uncomfort, but it’s also necessary for us to learn how to deal with these emotions. So, I challenge you to flip through your mental photo album and find yourself a few happy places to travel in times of need.


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