Summer Wrap Up

When I think back on this summer my ears will ring with Drake’s new album Views From the 6 and the waves of Prior Lake will radiate across my eyes. The summer before my senior year of highschool was one to remember. The last day of school tasted sweeter than ice cream on the hottest day of the year. The senior women and I chalked our names in the front of the school and participated in some risky traditions. We had a boat tie up on the last day and we bonded over the amazing idea of becoming one step closer to “free.” The first Saturday of my summer consisted of an ACT, which I surprisingly got a 28 on. Once my standardized testing was complete I was in full summer mode. June was filled with familiar faces and working. I attended several grad parties and created a permanent spot for myself near all of the dessert tables. I loved watching friends prepare for their future and celebrate their past highschool life. Jealousy washed over me during each three-hour party. Lacrosse was a big part of my June also. I watched graduated seniors, juniors, and talented sophomores take the MN state lacrosse championship title. Watching boys near and dear to my heart made me proud to be apart of their lives and my school district. Several days of sitting on metal bleachers during tournaments dubbed me with the title of a dedicated fan. I’m happy to say I will be able to manage the 2017 boys lacrosse team. I also attended my best friend’s dance recital and watched her sassily dance her heart out. I babysat cute baby Weston alot and watched my sweet nanny girls. The hospital was a weekly task and I volunteered in the epilepsy unit. This was incredibly hard considering that I held kids as they seized. June was also home to a week of craziness when my cousins from Missouri came to visit. We went to the horse track, the Mall of America, and I was able to introduce the girls to some very important people in my life. The beginning of summer flew by and I continued to dream of moving on with my life- college. I went on a few dates with a boy, obviously. And he showed me what it’s like to be paid for and to walk out of the car with the door already open. Justin Bieber came in June and I was able to see him live at the Target Center. His voice radiated the stadium and I joyfully screamed the words to his song Baby. July finally arrived and my family and I drove to Hayward, Wisconsin for some cabin fun. We all sat on the water and drank and talked and reminisced on my younger self who used to refuse sunscreen and drink juice boxes while in a floatie. When I returned from the cabin and the Fourth of July festivities settled down, I went on a lunch date with some friends to celebrate Alexa’s 17th birthday. Alexa and I and a couple of boys ended the birthday celebration in my basement playing monopoly- sadly I did not win. I had my first round of senior pictures this month and I stupidly bought all of my outfits the day of. This picture session was not my favorite, which means another shoot is in my future. I still nannyed and volunteered this month, I had to keep busy and make some money in order to keep up with my crazy shopping addiction. July was a great month, partially because of my old babysitter/role model/grown up neighbor’s wedding. She was a beautiful bride, which was no surprise, and the groom looked at her like every woman wants to be looked at. The venue, Aspen Alps, was amazing and I loved seeing the people who are so close to my family. I had been waiting to watch Erin get her princess wedding since I was about five years old. Of course July was also filled with pool parties and hangouts with friends and several trips to the mall. Now. August arrived and summer began to wind down. I had a small breakdown week one and I seemed to think nothing would go right. It may or may not had anything to do with a boy. But, I got out of my funk and spent the rest of the summer attempting to live life large. I wiped my tears and continued to nanny, volunteer, and attend twins games. I toured the two big schools in Iowa (see other blog post for a hilarious recap of my time spent amongst the cornfields) and still thought about Madison everyday. I also spent several days chained to my computer finishing my AP summer homework and of course blogging. I had a few doctors appointments this month and spent hours at the mall and Target getting things I needed for my final year of high school. I also found my people this summer. I have two best friends, and others I’m incredibly close to and I thank all of them for keeping me sane and laughing. I’m forgetting lots of things like lake days, and my trip to the state fair stuffing my face with fried onions and pickles. Every night I basically had a sleepover with my other half Lex. We became inseparable this summer you could say. We both even redid our bedrooms this summer. Mine- blue tones. Hers- pink tones. Rolling paint and edging the walls is litterally one of the hardest things ever. I need to thank my parents for making this summer possible and for reminding me adolescence will fade, so live it up but don’t fret if it is not perfect. I will be spending my last few days of summer taking my nanny girls to get their braces on, cheering at the first football game, praying for my grandpa, and spending some quality time with my mom. I may have some real fun one night, but I will also be crafting my homecoming overalls- which I’m sure I will show on here or my instagram midfall. My summer has been full of ups and downs, wishes and wants, and loss and love. I’ve had days where I feel like I have no one, not even my best friend. But I also had days where I was incredibly optimistic and happy. I am now in college planning mode. I’m not kidding when I say this, but I literally go to bed thinking about what to write in my college essays. This summer I had some issues with younger girls in my school- someone needs to put them in their place haha. I also had issues with myself and issues with my future planning. I’m glad summer is wrapping up, and I’m honestly excited to be able to look back at this and perfectly remember the summer of 2016, although I couldn’t write everything ;). Anyways. This summer was one to remember. I’m sure senior year will leave me smiling, and all of the following summers will put this one to shame.


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