Dipping My Toes Into Poetry

After doing countless friends and classmates poetry projects I have deemed myself worthy of an attempt to be somewhat of a poet. Here goes nothing. As you read these poems you will notice a shift in attitude… Keep that in mind. It’s going to be okay. 

My trust is gone
You ate it all
You sick hungry animal
I was your prey
You wanted me for some odd reason
Finally your hunger vanished
So you vanished too
I wait for the next creature
To come and show me
How to trust
But too bad they’re all hungry like you

You wore skinny jeans
I like trousers that flair
You tousled your hair
I like it sleek
You slept in silence
I like noise to sing me into slumber
You took risks
I played it safe
Your heart was broken
I wanted it whole
But still
I needed you

You will regret this
Pain will singe your throat raw
As your mind runs the motion picture
Titled me
Over and over again
You will find little pieces of me everywhere
In the dimple on your cheek I used to push like a button
In the song lyrics that I whispered in your ear
Even in her
You will regret this

I didn’t know that
Every heartbeat
Was a plea
A wish
A need
For you to return

If we were a math class
I would be the answer
You would be the problem
Too bad I couldn’t
Find the method to solve you

I hope you know
You downgraded
Big time
Her illegal abuse mocks
My responsibility
And her mind buckles
When compared to mine
She’s dark and devoid
She never was
And never will be anywhere
Close to the person I am today

You took a girl
Who cried at the drop of a tack
Who drives at night to feel like she has a destination
Who believes she will never fit in
And you treated her like she was normal
You forgot to tell her the full truth
And kiss her spinning head
You were not enough for the
Girl who held the world in her tiny hands

The shock of you with her has faded
And now I’m amused
At how you persuaded
Yet another confused
Girl to take your heart
You are something out of the ordinary
A piece of rare art
That’s not so extraordinary

Wipe the tears from your eyes
He’s not coming back
But this is for the better
He’s going to mess up
And you will be safe
From the falling debris of his catastrophe

The moment we stop
Looking backwards
Is the moment our
Steps forward lead us to

I’m going to be okay
I promise you that
My mind won’t stop
And neither will the walls
Of my heart
My wings will take me
Places you can only see
In your dreams
I’m going to be okay
More than okay

11 poems. 35 minutes.


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