Just Live 

Kid, you gotta live. You’ve gotta wake up at five in the morning just to feel the weight under your eyes while listening to the birds calling, welcoming the nearest season. You’ve got to strut up to the harmless man on the busy city corner with a cup of change and ask him what he wanted to be when he was younger. You’ve got to come home from an awful day and burn your throat with tea and soup and anything comforting while drowning out your troubles with music in your fresh linen sheets. You’ve got to ride the train and look out the window at the wonders around you and pretend you are traveling to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You’ve got to compliment the woman with hair trailing down her legs and tell her that she puts the sun in the sky and the joy in joyful. You’ve got to stop letting people stand in the way of your dreams. Push them aside and sprint to the end you desire. You’ve got to ride in pickup trucks down dirt roads with the windows down letting the wind tangle your hair. You’ve got to lay flat in the plush grass and focus on nothing but the galaxies above. You’ve got to stop taking everything so personally because you are not the lips that hold the answers to life. You’ve gotta give people a chance, listen to their stories, analyze their interests, and invite even the freakiest of beings to join your journey. You’ve gotta laugh at the pain and cry at the love being thrown upon you. Stay up late on Friday nights and let your head sink deeper into your pillow Saturdays at noon. You’ve got to stop over thinking why he stopped caring over a year ago, and you’ve got to stop worrying what you are going to tell her when she finds out what happened a week ago. You’ve got to stop asking for the opinions of those who barely matter in the big scheme of things. You’ve got to hand out copies of your favorite book to pedestrians on the sidewalk and you’ve got to speak highly of everything you love. Live life kiddo, you’ve got to love this one life you have and live it blissfully. 

Just take chances. Put your faith in everything beautiful and recognize that not everything is going to work out. The boy you thought would sweep you off your feet may leave you on your knees with tears streaming down your cheeks as he walks away. The friends you thought would always stay may be the first to leave the moment things get tough. The company you thought would be your latter to success may push you to the curb, breaking your confidence and bank account. When something goes left, turn right. When something flips you upside down, turn towards the sky. Be content with the fact that life is a map, our destinations are marked and the booby traps, our stuggles, are placed strategically along the way. Life was designed to be loved. So love it. Love the ones you come home to and love the tasks listed in your mental planner. Love the burnt turkey at Thanksgiving, and never stop loving the first car you drove when you were 16 that barely made it up the hill. Hold love for the boys who you were too much for, too good for, and always always always love the little things. Love your mothers nagging comments and the way she tugs your skirt to cover your butt. Love the simple nights with four people, a bucket of popcorn, and all four movies of the Twilight Saga. Love the moment you realize you are worth everything good. You may have a few bad days, but your life, your life is beautifully imperfect. I cannot stress how important it is to love life. Don’t let it slip by. It’s too short to not love with your entire body, your entire being. 


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