Painting a Picture

Let me paint you a picture. One that will take the weight off of your shoulders. My picture will look like the future- all aspects of it. So watch carfully as I push the colors along the canvas and take in the beauty that constitutes this picture. The title is up to you, name it carfully, but let this picture sit in the back of your mind and every so often let the makings of your mind stand before it.

Everything that will be incorporated in this picture will be little landmarks you will encounter soon. Each and every detail will represent the future smiles and the eventual life that you want to be living. It’s a beautiful picture of the future- never forget that.

Highschool Graduation: This day will be oh so glorious. The moment your feet step onto the stage you will know you have made the first big leap into adulthood. Your family will be cheering and your school colors will be plastered before you. Everyone you have spent your entire adolescense with will watch you confidently march towards your diploma. The sweet sound of your name echoing in stands will set your heart on fire. Gradation day will lead to a graduation party where everyone who loves you will celebrate you. The garage will be beautifully decorated and tents will be scattered in your yard. The card box will be full and the food table stocked with your favorites. This is the time to honor you, and to be optimistic, for your future is only beginning.

Move In Day: The summer is over and your skin is glowing with tan sparkles. After multiple trips to Target it is time to pack up the truck and head to your dream school. Your bedding matches your bean bag and your lap top is full of brand new software. Your roomate is extremely nice and everything is falling into place. Parental goodbyes are in store and tears will flood. But this day will give you a taste of independance, and this immaculately decorated room will be your refuge.

College Life: Party invites take over the avaliable storage on your phone, and homework piles up on your desk. The seasons fade in and out and new friends keep walking into your life. Meetings and pep fests and test dates and club events are scrawled in your planner. Everyday is busy and full of life. The football players pine after you, wanting you and only you to be their cheerleader. Teachers will love your hard work and dedication and soon they will be writing letters of recomendation to your dream job’s CEO. Your grade book will be a representation of how badly you want to be successful. And the new people surrounding you will introduce you to new things you will fall in love with. Spring break will be a blast and you’ll find pictures you won’t remember later on. College life will make you thankful high school is a thing of the past.

Scoring the Dream Job: The day is here. Your pants suit is ironed and your heels are shinned. You walk into the headquarters and you are prepared to blow your boss away. This day gives thanks to the late night study crams and the extra people you had edit your essays. Your dream job pays well, letting your high end product obbession continue. This job gives you a purpose and you love it. Your coworkers adore you and raises are in your future. Whether you are writing articles for Cosmopolitain or hosting a couples therapy session for Beyonce and Jay-Z, this dream job is where you belong.

Meeting Mr. Right: This day will make you thankful everyone in your past never worked out. Mr. Right will show you what it’s like to be handed flowers on a Monday. He will willingly give you foot massages and never let you question your place in his life. The dates will be spectacular and the fights will resinate around the battle of who does the dishes. Mr. Right will be beautiful. With a well groomed appearance, shiny white teeth, and a closet stocked full with items from lulu and mens wearhouse. But most importantly his personality will shine boldly from his being. He will be loved by your family. And most importantly he will love you.

The Wedding Day: You’ve been looking forward to this day since you were a little girl. The dress hanging in the hotel closet is perfect and your hair beautifully falls curly around your shoulders. The pink lipstick makes you look just a little under twenty seven and your shoes are bedazled with jewls and clack when you walk. Your vows are perfection and your diamond ring looks like it came straight from Neil Lane on The Bachalorette. The isle is draped with flowers and your bridesmaides look stunning- but not better than you. You walk down the isle and your husband is standing clad in a tailored suit with tears streeming down his face. And you are increibly happy. You are smiling from ear to ear and you look like a million dollars. This day will be the happiest day of your life.

Ohh Baby: Waaaaa Waaaaa you hear as a little baby girl is being swadled at your feet. Your amazing nurse hands you a little pink bundle of joy and you feel the warmth she exudes. As soon as she is in your arms she silences making for a peaceful ending to a crazy day of labor. Your husband stands up from his chair after almost passing out and she wraps her little knucles around his big fingers. He kisses your forehead and together you stare in awe at this thing of amazement that will flip your life upside down. Little did you know, upside down is where you want to be. Soon after her, you will be blessed with more children and together you and your husband will figure it out. Watching them grow up will leave you breathless and knowing you created such intellectually athletic, perfectly proper children will keep you sane.

Traveling the World: Where will it be first? A warm beach trip to Bora Bora? Or touring the streets of New York City? Will you be standing on the cliffs of Greece eating pita bread and sipping wine watching the sun set? Or maybe you’ll be walking the Great Wall of China clad in North Face and Sorell? Will you be skydiving in the Minnesota plains or hiking the Grand Canyon? Will crossiants under the Eifel Tower be your new favorite thing? Or will you enjoy making your own pizzas in a tuscan villa near Italy? Will the all inclusive resorts be calling your name? Or will mission trips to Africa be a yearly tradition? Will you be renting a bungalo over the ocean with a glass floor? Will all fifty states be under your travel belt? Will you dance under the stars in India? And will you be able to throw up on the roller coasters with you kids at Disney World? The answer is yes. You will do it all.

“Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you” -Jim Rohn


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