Minnehaha Falls 

Sometimes it’s the little things that spark a change, a realization, or a light of happiness. On Sunday, the 21st of August, my best friend and I adventured to the falls. We were, shockingly, only interested in the beautiful scenery for the opportunity to snap an Instagram worthy picture. We flew down the trafficless high way and sped around the lot that was completely full. We finally found a spot… We finally paid for our ticket… And we finally made it to the cascading waters. The water fell down heavy into the pool below and people took pictures on their smart phones. Alexa and I were a little shy and asking a stranger for a photo of us seemed a little nerve racking, but we did it. And through the kindness of several people we were able to capture memories.  I loved this adventure, this day. The beauty of a landmark so close to my home was electrifying. We brought out the selfie stick and carelessly pressed the button over and over. Taking thousands of pictures. Bystanders were laughing, but we were content making kissy faces and winky eyes at the iPhone suspended in the air. Our little adventure made me happy. I finally forgot about the college applications and I quit worrying about other people around me. I was completely and utterly engrossed in the falls and the company around me. Life is full of surprises, and this voluntary trip to minnehaha showed me that spontaneity is priceless. I also perfected the art of selfies. This girl by my side brought smiles to my lips and laughs to my voice. We stood in shock after a bee stung her, and we smiled at the kids splashing around us. I’m incredibly thankful for her and this trip. As small as it may seem, it’s a memory, it’s something different than a run to the mall. It is truly living.


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