Exploring the Iowas

About a week ago I began the dauntingly boring treck to two Iowa schools. My college tour companions, otherwise known as mom and dad, and I left bright and early on a wednesday morning. We arrived at the University of Iowa (black and yellow as I also refer to it as) just in time for a quick Itallian lunch and the afternoon tour. My spunky, yet somewhat shy tour guide led us around campus after a long and entertaining meeting about the logistics of college. She walked us through a somewhat dreary library and to a dorm that was less than par. I’m not sure if it was just the one hundred degree sunshine messing with my head, but I thouroughly did not enjoy the campus of black and yellow Iowa. The buildings and set up all seemed a little too man made, and extremely out of place for being smack dab in the middle of Iowa. Needless to say the University of Iowa is crossed off my list in a big red marker scratch sort of way. We picked up some yummy cupcakes, one of the only good things black and yellow Iowa had to offer, and we were on our way to Ames for a tour at eight the next morning. Side note: no offence to any die hard University of Iowa people out there, this just wasn’t the school for me. I feel as if i was destined to hate this school due to my ex best friends love of it. Anyways. The measly oneish hour drive  to ISU went quickly. I was immediately bombarded with a beautiful campus. The green grass almost had a way of whispering into the ears of visitors saying “Come here. Apply here.” Once settled in my hotel I refused to leave my bed. I was overwhelmed with college anticipation and application worries. I was being a teenager and piling all of my problems on top of each other creating a mountain that could only be destroyed once a mental breakdown occured. So, by force I walked down to the hotel restaraunt and had my breakdown there. My family, who I am oh so ever thankful for, attempted to turn my frown upside down, and we shared a few laughs after realizing my PMS/girl stress/college anxiety flip was basically hilarious. The next morning it was raining and I began to deem this as a sign saying ISU is a no go. We drove to a large concrete ramp, parked, and walked into a immaculate bookstore that led to a high class admisions center. The room was red and gold and filled with stories of alumni and expensive technology to prove their worthiness. The speech left me feeling the same as it had at every university: stressed, somewhat bored, and neutral. Now here is where it gets good. Something happened next that put a little pep in my college touring step. They. Handed. Each. And. Every. One. Of. Us. A. Rice. Krispy. Bar. How amazing is that? Not only do they recognize my intellectual needs, but also my overbearing 24/7 hunger. Moving on, the campus tour was pretty wonderful and the buildings were beautiful. The university smelt like tradition and of course the wonderful aura of marshmellows and kellogs rice flakes. I could see myself lying on the green grass with my laptop and a cup of coffee blogging about my recent ISU rager (lol), and I could see myself standing under the clock tower with my “sweetheart.” The dorms seemed a little iffy but overall the school seemed better than most. I think I would consider it a large school with a small school feel. Things got even better after my meeting with the journalism school staff. They instilled useful information into my brain and seemed to have my back.  I met some wonderful people and I fell in love with the idea of a journalism degree from ISU. The tour was over and I finally walked out of the admissions building with a feeling of releif knowing this was the last of my campus tours. My very own college roadtrip had come to a close and now I recognized the fact that essays need to be written and choices need to be made. Overall the treck to explore the Iowas was worth it. Now was it anywhere near Madison’s greatness? I don’t know. But I’m trusting that where I end up is where I belong.


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