Do Fairytales Exist?

Do fairytales exist? This question raises some thought. I for one do believe in the idea of fairytales. Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic, or that girl who dreams of the moment she walks down the isle clad in a stunning gown, that pulls tears out of the grooms eyes, but so what? People who say your glass slipper moment won’t happen are, well, stupid. If Cinderella got her moment, why can’t you? Maybe everyone gets a Cinderella story. Maybe once we fulfill our time with the ugly step sisters and hours of chores we will be granted a fairy god mother who leads us to the ball. Or maybe once we fall into deep slumber, which I know some of us would love right about now, we will be rewarded with a kiss on the lips from the man of our dreams. Or maybe after we bite into the poisoned apple gifted to us from a suspicious old women, we will bump into a gorgeous man on horseback. All jokes aside, maybe Disney had it right. Maybe we have to feel incredibly low in order to experience the highs of love. Before the dream Pinterest wedding you will have had heartbreak and loss. You’ll experience lows and hard work that leaves your hands blistered. In order to get your happy fairytale you need to live life like a normal Disney fan.

One thing we should keep in mind about these princesses, regardless of their situation, is that they were happy regardless of their relationship status. They exuded an aura of self respect and an optimistic approach to their future. They put others, including small animals, before themselves and found ways to smile. Teenage girls now a days should take notes as the princess films roll on the big screen TVs at nanny houses across the country. You cannot walk around expecting Prince Eric and his shaggy dog to chase you down the beach when you are sitting in the sand moping. Instead you must embrace the princess. Take her mindset and confidence and flaunt it. I promise you your Prince Phillip will be watching. Don’t wait for your fairytale, but know one is coming… For every girl deserves one.

Sometimes we’re so focused on the right person, we forget about the right opportunity or the right situation. Fairytales don’t always have to do with finding your Prince Charming. They can revolve around getting into your dream school or finding your joy. Fairytales can simply occur when you finally shine happy. They also appear when you least expect it, with the boy you least expect. But who cares. Because all we need to know is that they exist. The tiny birds fluttering over your head as you curl your hair exist. And the delicate music that randomly sounds as you walk out of your cottage door exists. But so do the wicked witches and crazy step moms. The true test comes when you show you are worthy of a fairytale by ignoring the bad and overcoming the obstacles, just like a princess. She shows her abilities and is rewarded with something that will truly make her smile. So yes fairytales exist. And everyone of you will experience at least one moment of pure and utter content with an acceptance letter to a college or a wedding ring in a little blue box symbolizing the amazing journey ahead.


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