What is…

If you asked a nine year old what love was what do you think they would say? Would they compare it to the hugs from their invisible friends or to the way their teddy bear smiles at them before bed time. I was very curious. My curiosity stemmed from the makeup of their brains. I know kids are sheltered and I know that their minds are pure and not tainted from humanity’s insanity. Therefore I did a little experiment with my nanny kids. Carly is 8 and Paige is 9. Both girls are sweethearts, filled with joy and laughter. Their answers to my questions about words were simple. Nothing was brought up about war or issues across the nation. Their answers remained close to their home and their heart. It was amazing to watch the girls search for answers and tell me stories about their parents love. They are so young, so happy, so silly. They don’t wait for the days to get better, they start building a life of fun immediately. So here are a few pictures of their thoughts on a few popularly used words. This “experiment” reminded me of the joys of my youth and how easy it was to exist. But it also taught me that I can still be a young kid at heart. My answers could still resemble theirs if roles were reversed. 


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