Touring Badger Nation

In retrospect, visiting the University of Madison Wisconsin was one of the top ten greatest days of my life. My stomach may have been full of nerves and my mind may have been focused on the competitive nature of admissions, but the entire experience sent joy rushing through my veins. My family and I started off our miniature road trip from a suburban neighborhood in Minnesota to the wonderful city of Madison on a Friday night. We arrived well past my bed time and checked into The Edgewater. The Edgewater set the tone right for my second college tour due to the view of the incredible lake. In the morning we sleepily rolled out of bed and marched with badger pride to the tour’s check in desk. They escorted us to an auditorium where we listened to an informative lecture on the benefits of attending this university and the nitty gritty stuff pertaining to price and aid. The walking tour was next. My feet ached but each building was incredible. The campus is divided like a percent sign: the dash in the center resembles the classrooms and major buildings, while the two dots represent lodging. One set of dorms is centered in the city, where you can reside near tall “skyscrapers” and local pharmacies. The other set of dorms literally mimics cabins. How amazing would it be to look out of your dorm window towards a lake full of sailboats and happy families? I don’t know about you but I bet I could write a blog post or two while staring out at that incredible view. Even sorority row was beautiful. The rest of the tour was breathtaking. We had some downtime so we went to the student’s local meeting place along the water and found our own love for this spot. Later on we met with the head of the journalism department and I invested some time truly thinking about the pros and cons of Madison’s J-School. I was nervous, but what teenager wouldn’t be. The day was over and I was content with the information I had soaked in. Each and every building had a story, and countless things put a sparkle in my eye. The food selection caused drool to form near my lips and their thought process behind payment seemed legit. I think one of the best things was that I could actually picture myself walking on this campus. I recognize the competitiveness and the somewhat low acceptance rate, and I’m fully aware that I do not have an automatic in. No matter what happens, I’m happy that this college lit up my heart as much as it did. Madtown is truly a college of dreams. I am prepared to work hard and I can guarantee my application will be in before November 1st.


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