Teenage Questions

Here is a compilation of several questions located within my one of a kind noggin. For the past week I have jotted down random inquisitive logic that essentially falls under the category of a “worry.” Being a teenager has taught me that life is full of these wonderful things. And that they will never cease to anger us, therefore we have to let them roam free. It’s best to accept them and attempt to focus on this beautiful thing called life.

  • “I’ve found my person. But does my person think I’m their person too?”
  • “Why did I allow myself to spend all of my money- leaving five useless dollars to shiver lonely in the bank?”
  • “Why did he hurt me?”
  • “Will I always remember my first love? Or was he never even a real love?”
  • “Why would he like her Instagram picture?”
  • “Can a long distance relationship really work?”
  • “Why can I never find an outfit to wear? My closet is full. My drawers are stuffed.”
  • “Why are boys stupid?”
  • “Where do I even begin in the race to receive college acceptance letters?”
  • “Will I even get into college?”
  • “What type of Bachelorette would I be on ABC’s hit show? Calm and collected or crazy and psychotic?”
  • “Are Cheetos really the secret orange dust killers? Cause I have learned that I love them.”
  • “What the heck am I going to do when my mom can’t remind me to take my medicine?”
  • “Do I seriously need to take the ACT for a third time… Four more hours chained to a test based on skills unrelated to intellect?”
  • “Will I find the love of my life, my best friend, my partner in crime?”
  • “Is senior year of high school gonna be hell? Or a grand end to an adolescent adventure?”
  • “Why does my brain never stop running… Marathons. It runs marathons. Around the world. Countless times.”
  • “Does the boy I ‘miss’ miss me ever?”
  • “Is my ACT score even good?”
  • “Did I seriously just eat 15 miniature muffins in one day?”
  • “Who invented  Summer homework? Satan or some supernatural villain?”
  • “Why does Derek have to die in Grey’s Anatomy?”
  • “Did I honestly have to get tonsillitis in the middle of summer?”
  • “Do her senior pictures look better than mine?”
  • “Can I just be graduated already?”
  • “Should I get a real job?”
  • “Anyone know how to write this check?”
  • “What would I look like if I died my hair blonde?”
  • “What if I get no likes on my Instagram picture?”
  • “Is she staring at my face, my outfit, or my pimple? I can not tell. And does she look jealous of judgmental?”

These so called “worries” make me cringe. I’m genuinely mad that this is what constitutes the makings of my being. Some of them are more mature than others, while most focus on materialism and hold a self centered aura to them. I hope as I get older they transition to thoughts with depth and importance. Things that stem deeper than my own issues.


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