She Made Broken Look Beautiful


She made broken look beautiful. She took her tiny pieces and glued them back together. Each one a reminder of the hurt she has endured. Some represent singular tears that gently slid down her baby soft skin in the dead of night. Others stand for the people she has lost. The brokenness left her insides torn apart too. Her brain; now jumbled with rubbish and worry. Her eyes; sore from the sadness eating away behind the pupil. Her joins; rusty from the way she held her knees to her chest attempting to keep her broken pieces strung together a little longer. Her stomach; in permanent knots struggling to keep down food. She learned to live with this though. The hurt in her body, the hurt that rushed through her blood, through her mentality, didn’t ruin her. The pieces are stuck back together, for now, and they show her that no matter the circumstances, no matter the outcome, she will always be okay. Her wings are torn. Ratted and curling at the edges. But, surprisingly. She flies. She flies with grace and fluidity. With the power to look down on her tormentors, her enemies, her loss, and her negativity. She is able to fly to the future to see the beautiful picture painted before her. Her broken pieces don’t lay still on the ground. They return back to their rightful spot, clicking into place, keeping her alive. She makes the cracks shine. Letting them tell her story, letting them prove to herself and the world that despite everything she will forever be okay. Maybe the cuts and wounds will heal, maybe they won’t, but no matter what she exudes beauty from every pore. She will have nights alone where her tattered body appears in the mirror. She will have moments of utter weakness. Prohibiting her from standing up without the help of her bedside table. But I promise she will always be beautiful. Her hardships do not define her. The things that have broken her only matter when disusing the challenge of bettering herself. She is beautiful because she wears her gaps, her splits, her fractures, like jewels.


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