50 Things I Will Teach My Daughter

This may seem strange coming from a seventeen year old, but I consider myself to be relatively mature. I am lucky enough to have been shown all of these things, and I plan on instilling these facts of gold into the brains of my children.

  1. A smile is always better than a frown.
  2. You deserve flowers on a Monday .
  3. Water is important.
  4. And so is a balanced diet.
  5. You will regret the fifty dollars spent on a simple t-shirt.
  6. Cooperate in pictures.
  7. No boy is worth your tears.
  8. Have confidence, confidence, confidence in everything you do.
  9.  Don’t push your boobs up too much, and cover your butt up when wearing leggings.
  10. Always bring a sweater (yes, even if it is hot out).
  11. Be kind to everyone you meet.
  12. Study hard.
  13. And don’t settle for any grade you can easily obtain.
  14. Respect your teachers and form a relationship with all of them.
  15. Plan for college sooner rather than later.
  16. Volunteer as much as possible (your resume will thank you later).
  17. Makeup is great, until it can be wiped off in globs.
  18. Waterproof mascara is a must for the sensitive ones (and if you are my child you will be sensitive).
  19. Shave. Your. Legs.
  20. Girls are mean. Period.
  21. Speaking of periods. Take three Advil before the cramps get bad.
  22. Don’t pick your pimples, but pop them if bad.
  23. Sass is okay in moderation.
  24. Learn to stand up for yourself. Never let anyone walk over you.
  25. Also, learn to laugh at your mistakes.
  26. Be social and make many friends young.
  27. Don’t be too eager to quit anything in life.
  28. Make the boys work. Make them beg, cry, and show you they are worth your effort.
  29. Your first love will probably break your heart, and it’s going to hurt like hell.
  30. Staying home on a Saturday night does not make you a loser.
  31. And being close to your parents makes you cool, seriously.
  32. Don’t stay up till the wee hours of the morning binge watching Orange is the New Black and participating in meaningless conversations over text. Sleep is important.
  33.  Summer is the time of year for trips to the beach and drive in movies and exploring this great earth.
  34. Attempt to learn the rules of sports- it’ll impress not only your Dad but the boys.
  35. Start babysitting young and learn to appreciate the parents of the bratty children you watch.
  36. Pick dandelions, blow them, and make a wish as the white powder cascades to the ground. Also make wishes on shooting stars and when the clock strikes 11:11.
  37. Read books, and enjoy them.
  38. Sit outside and listen to the incredible life around you.
  39. Take walks in the park for fun or to cool down.
  40. Get plenty of exercise.
  41. Learn to cook and bake. Not to satisfy the typical stereotype for women, but for yourself.
  42. Find pleasure in a clean room.
  43. Learn to make every situation fun.
  44. And always be safe.
  45. Never drink and drive and never let a friend do something they would regret later.
  46. Spread joy and love everywhere you go.
  47. Figure out how to walk confidently.
  48. Always have your nails painted or manicured.
  49. Be happy alone.
  50. And never forget that you are something special. Something unique. Something amazing. And something that has the power to be extraordinary.



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