To: Daddy

A dad is something special. Something that can never be replaced. They are the healing hands to our crooked limbs. And the stable bodies to our hectic lives. Dad’s will never leave our sides. They will run marathons, despite their beer bellies, to ensure our happiness. A little girl, whether she admits it or not, will always find joy in the fact that she will have the love of one boy forever and always. Dad’s care about their angels. They protect their hearts and their minds, while never letting things get dull. My dad, as well as others, perfectly encompasses the moral, enlightening, exceptional qualities of fatherhood. If only I had more time to type and more time to express my love for my father. To begin this special rant about a special guy I will include some background information. He is a six foot four man with a heart of pure gold who works harder than any living being could, and he is the most understandingly uptight relaxed guy. He is a contradiction. He is an old guy with a young soul. He yells, but his laugh can be heard from a mile away. He is dedicated to his family and job, but will never turn down a drink on the beach. His contradicting nature brings light to my life and keeps me on my toes. He verbally calms my unending thoughts and worries and he physically stops my shaking hands when life becomes too much. I have never met a man who pushes me so smoothly. My dad allows my final opinions and thoughts to be the ones that win. He wants the best for me, so I can only hope his years of retirement and weeks away from his crazy daughter treat him well. I need to start thanking him for all he does. I need to show him that he is hands down the most amazing male in my eyes. So, I guess this is one way to start. Thank you Dad. Thank you for never letting me cry and for rolling your eyes at the mention of he who shall not be named. Thank you for making me watch stupid action movies- I believe they make me a more well rounded person. Thank you for showing me that nights in with the family are sometimes better than my original plans exploring my crazy town. Thank you for not speaking negatively of The University of Wisconsin considering your love of the other red and white college (The University of Nebraska Lincoln). Thank you for opening my box of dreams when I have been to scared to release my inner wishes. Thank you for your unending jokes and for always making me feel like I am bigger and better than what I think. And one last thank you for never ever leaving my side. My Dad is one of a kind. He has helped me with every aspect of my life, except for the time of the month ordeal. I cannot tell you how excited I am for the future because of this man. The moment him and I are dancing at my wedding to the song “Daughters” by John Mayer, will be the moment I know I have made it. But, the amazing thing about this man is the fact that no matter how many times he reminds me that my future his bright, he also touches on the amazement of now. I will never let my bond with my father loosen, our hands will always be gripped. Without him I can honestly say I would be ten steps back and five hundred feet lower than I am now. He has navigated me through the maze of high school. Being able to have a Dad like him makes me realize how blessed I truly am. Thank you to all of the fathers out there who make their children happy no matter how dark their metaphorical clouds are.


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