Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

I will never understand how a committed person can forgo all the general rules of relationships and turn to a lowlife willing to degrade a promise made between two people. It’s a foreign idea in my world. When you choose to be with someone, choose all of them, and no one else. I’m going to be bias and talk about this from a girl’s perspective- my perspective. When a girl goes into a relationship, she becomes this shiny, sparkling piece of amazement. When a girl comes out of an unfaithful relationship, she ends up dull and scratched. She spends hours upon hours punishing herself for his wrongdoings. She compares herself to all of the other people in the relationship and beats herself up for not being enough. But, she was enough. And little does he know, she will go on to find much more than a scumbag who doesn’t value her. So, my question is why do it? Why ruin not only a relationship, but also a human being with a beating heart. Because I can guarantee there will be times when that heart doesn’t want to beat anymore. TELL THE TRUTH. BE RESPECTFUL. AND LOVE ONE SOUL AT A TIME AND ONLY THAT SOUL. It’s pretty simple in my books. Love foolishly, but don’t be a cheating fool. Cheating destroys possibilities. The word future is broken into mere letters that mean nothing once an act of deceit is awoken. I wish boys (and girls) realized that actions hurt. I also wish they would realize that “innocent” snap chats to “friends” and “group hangs” are also considered acts of dishonesty that sometimes fall under the category of cheating. If you don’t want to be with someone, then don’t. No one is forcing you too. But don’t make the mistake of making the one that loves you feel as if the entire idea of hope has vanished from their very world. Don’t make them question their placement on this Earth, or their worth. And certainly do not put out their fire. Everyone has a flame. A flame that sends sparks of joy and intellect and love into the world. Make sure you don’t put that fire out, because it is beautiful and they will need it once they are alone and crying recklessly. I can’t stress this enough. Please please please choose the one you love every second of everyday. And if you question that love, then consider other options. A final shout out to all the cheaters out there: Six year olds are smarter than you, dogs have more loyalty, and your heart is more than likely made of stone 🙂


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