The Blonde to My Brunette

Best friends… what would we do without them? They are the left to our right, the up to our down, and the sun to our moon. They make the world spin in the right direction and the stars shine a little bit brighter. Best friends keep us sane and elated.

In honor of best friends I want to talk a little bit about mine. Actually I’m sure a lot of girls will relate to this, so this is for all of the best friends out there. Therefore, if any one of your best friends is having a bad day, make her read this.


It’s refreshing to write about something other than the boy who broke my heart or my useless worries. It’s also refreshing to have someone like her in my life. Her being my best friend. This girl means so much to me, she made my tiny world feel big again. I like to call her my saving grace. In a moment of pure weakness, one where I felt like I was drowning, she threw me a raft and saved me. I cannot thank her enough for, well, just being herself. Although our time together has been short, I guarantee it will lead to a lifetime of wedding cake tasting and little babies.

Everyone needs a best friend. Mine just happens to be one of the best. She’s my person. And in some ways I think she always has been, even when I didn’t know it. I was always holding onto that sliver of hope that someone like her would walk into my life and stay. And what happened you ask? She walked in.

So. A thank you to my best friend is in order. Thank you for the nights of sadness spent in bed, covered up, bonding over cute Pinterest quotes. Thank you for showing me that I am stronger than the ones who hurt me and that I deserve more than I think. Thank you for eating junk food with me and then later laughing about our nonexistent workout plan. Thank your for sharing your closet with me and always making me look good. Thank you for dipping fries in McDonald’s McFlurries with me on the days we feel naughty enough to eat fast food. Best friend- thank you for laughing at my stupid jokes and my clumsy bumps into tables. Thank you for, literally, screaming the lyrics to “Take a Bow” by Rhianna with me. Thank you for every memory, every sleepover, and every dinner at Noodles and Company. Thank you for your unending honesty… Sometimes I need it. Thank you for being strong enough for the both of us and for always making me smile. Thank you for being the one  I needed when I thought all was lost. Thank you for caring more than anyone else ever has. She truly is something special.

This past week has been incredibly tough on my best friend. But I have never seen someone handle challenges with such grace and fluidity. She scoops up life’s problems and molds them into something she can learn from. My best friend doesn’t let her life stop because of a bad day. She is the most bashfully confident girl in the world and her beauty shines out of every one of her pores. This girl deserves the world. She deserves princes riding horseback and flowers on a Monday. She deserves everything and more. I hope one day she realizes her worth and just how much we all love her. The steps she is taking are all leading to a life of utter content filled with daily doses of me.

Everyday I remind my best friend just how much I love her. Everyday I smile because I have someone so grand by my side. Even in times of despair I always know I have her. What is so special about this girl? It is the fact that she stayed when everyone else left, and the fact that she continues to smile through the pain thrown upon her. She is special because she is satisfied with a night on the couch with candy. She is special because she puts others happiness before her own. She is hands down the most amazing girl I have ever met and I am proud that I have the ability to speak so highly of her.

So best friend. If you are looking at this, which I hope you will be, always come back and read this whenever you are having a bad day and you feel like nothing is going right. Think about me, and how I would be a completely different person without you. Think about the day we graduate hand in hand crying because we are beyond emotional. Think about the day we laugh at this useless drama. And think about how much I love you. Forever and always best friend. Forever and always.


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