10 Reasons You Need to See Beyoncé 

1. I’m no music expert but the way she controlled each and every song amazed me. I’m sorry. But doesn’t it seem a little unfair that someone that beautiful can have the voice of an angel? Every note, riff, and *insert anther music term*, were executed perfectly.

2. Her dancing. Wow. I don’t think this needs much explanation but I spent two hours of my life mesmerized by the way she moved across the stage at TCF.

3. Beyoncé empowered each and every one of her fans. She found their worries and fears and set them free. Beyoncé recognized the diversity of the crowd and made sure everyone felt equal and powerful.

4. One of the best things about the concert was the ginormous four sided box that spun clockwise producing an image of the superstars face. As an audience, we got an up close view of her beauty and wonder. I felt like I was apart of the production.

5. I’m going to intentionally be a bit superficial- she was very easy on the eyes. I kid you not, Beyoncé wore no makeup. Her skin was clear and flawless and her eyes showed no trace of black chunky mascara. She portrayed the true meaning of self love and taught everyone a lesson of confidence.

6. The costumes were out of this world. Each and every outfit was skintight and exposed countless taught legs. The colors were vibrant and each leotard based costume was crafted with detail. Beyoncé, again, conveyed confidence as she strut around her stage in skimpy outfits.

7. The entire audience became one and felt the same emotion. Everyone was in awe of her perfection and had tears forming in the corners of their eyes. People were dancing and no judgment was found within the walls of the stadium. During one song- Sorry- Beyoncé asked the audience to stick up their middle fingers in respect to those who had hurt them, and together everyone lifted their hands and felt a sense of unity.

8. The lineup of songs was phenomenal. She included a variety of numbers from each and every one of her albums. All of them held meaning to her and the audience. You could sense the love she had for her music, her job, and her fans.

9. The creative juices were really flowing during the construction of this concert tour. The giant stage, maze like set up, and the pool of water that dancers splashed around in set the bar high for other performers. Beyoncé took some creative licensing and previously filmed scenes of pure craziness that she projected onto her screens. The audience was granted a look into her mind and the true meaning of her album.

10. Beyoncé’s concert was honestly a once in a lifetime experience. Where else can you feel united with strangers, strong, independent, and extremely content. The answer is: in Beyoncé’s presence. I promise you will never forget her beauty or the way she sang “Halo” with tears filling up her makeup-less eyes.


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