A Summary of 16

Two days, 48 hours, until my 17th birthday. I’m caught between desperately wanting my year of 16 to end, and wishing I could stay young. So in order to never forget this crazy year I’m going to attempt to sum it up into a neat package of words.

Exactly a year ago I was panicking over my drivers test, studying notes, and spending hours in my car analyzing the mechanics and buttons.  On the day of the test my father and I had some issues … Let’s just say I ended up crying in the drivers seat for two hours as I waited my turn with a twisted stomach of nerves. So. I passed. And I started my year of 16 off well. I had new people in my life and I was excited. I had a boyfriend but frankly I would rather not talk about him due to his unfortunate negative effect on my life. Summer was right around the corner and I was ready to leave the claustrophobic walls of my school. To start it off, my family and I flew to Chicago to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We stayed in the trump hotel, which might I add was amazing, and we toured the wonders of the city. We ate more than our fair share of deep dish pizza and took awkward family selfies on the Navy Pier ferris wheel. As the summer flew by I fell in head over heels in love with my nanny children and I spent a lot of time dipping my toes and body into lakes. My skin was tan, my worries were nonexistent, and my aura was particularly happy. Now, here comes the best part of my year of 16. Meeting my now best friend. It was a random rainy Sunday and we hadn’t spoken since discussing pig dissections in our sophomore biology class. She had texted me and I responded… thankfully. We met up that night for ice cream and the rest is history. Finally school started again and it was the same routine of insanity and stress. I attended football games amongst a crowd of rowdy drunk fans. Homecoming rolled around and I spent too much time scouring the Internet for dresses. I had a really good time with some crazy people and I even remember thinking everything in my life was perfect that night. Two weeks later my New York City trip was sneaking up on me. I needed a get away and luckily had the ability to visit my favorite city in the world with my parents. This would be the third time I was able to explore NYC so I considered myself a local rather than a tourist. Once I returned back to the crisp Minnesota transition into winter things began to go downhill. I lost some important people and secluded myself from the rest of my peers. The winter of my year of 16 included drives to Nebraska to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family. We attempted to make the cornfields fun. Surrounding myself with family helped me get back up and step into life with a smile. After New Years things started looking up. I began to stop thinking about the past and started focusing on creating a life I wanted to live. I made new friends and relationships and forgot about the stupidity of my past. I even reconnected with someone who has brought countless laughs back into my weeks. In March I was blessed with a family vacation to Hawaii and I fell in love with the sun and swimsuits and the salty ocean waves all over again. Returning home to my regular life seemed dull, but prom was approaching and boy was that an experience. I felt drama rising when boys began to ask girls and group lists were getting longer, but I decided to attempt to stay neutral in WWIII. Finally it was prom day and I put on my maroon dress, met my date, and longed to step out of my heels. The night was fun, but I think everyone overestimated the importance of the night. School had began to kick my butt and I recognized again that I needed to put more focus into the important things. The end of my year of 16 was simple yet important. I have changed so much, and now I’m stuck waiting for this final year of adolescence to pass by.

I have learned so much this year. I have learned that people can trick you with their words and ruin you with their actions. I also have learned how important it is to do things for you and to ignore the social norms. School has become more important, as well as family. I am truly thankful for all this year has brought… Even the mornings when I didn’t want to face the obstacles of life. I’m excited for the year of 17 and I pray it leads to moments of fun and pure happiness.


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