You’ve got to understand that she is not like other girls. She’s experienced something so great that it’s easy for her to think nothing will compare. This girl has been hurt and used and lied too. She has witnessed the unthinkable and felt things others wish to feel at least once in their lives. The girl you watch from afar is not like the rest of them. She will laugh uncontrollably at your jokes, holding her stomach while stomping her feet on the floor. She values the entire idea of relationships and despises acts of “using” others. She will rub your feet when you are sick and place a wet washcloth on your forehead when your fever nauseates you. She will transform your wardrobe and appearance into a crisp package tied neatly with a bow. That girl will stare at you while you drive with glossy eyes and a beating heart, exuding the feeling of happiness. She will come to every sporting event and feel sick to her stomach as you hold the ball, the stick, or the club. She will write long text messages and letters that may seem annoying but you will learn to appreciate them. She will refuse to pick where to go out to dinner because she doesn’t care where you go as long as she’s with you. This girl will hold your hand and never let go for when she grips it feels like anything is possible. She will laugh when you kiss her and smile because to her it’s all perfect. She will treat your family like her own and wish to please them. The girl you watch from afar is not like the rest of them. She will watch you play video games rolling her eyes in disgust but secretly feeling like the “heart eyes emoji.” She will run her hands along your back after a long day and push you to finish your homework and be the best version of yourself. She will give you space, but maintain that concept of closeness. All she would want is for you to be happy. She will probably over plan and freak you out with her honestly, but she will show you it’s worth it. This girl will confuse you and hurt you, but best of all she will open your eyes. She sees the world in such a way you will be beyond engrossed in the way she thinks. She has been hurt, so she knows how to numb your pain. This girl will cry. A lot. But she only does this because she cares. She will tickle you all the time and learn what you like. She will go on late night drives with you and trips to target at 10 PM for jars of pickles. She will teach you to balance fun and reality and in turn you will make her uptight condition loosen. She will make you happy. I can promise you that. So promise me this, make her happy. Do not hurt her. She is fragile, like a rose, but don’t forget about her overwhelming beauty.


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